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How to get a six pack


One way to get a six pack is not taking sugar. You should be taking bananas for breakfast, and tea without sugar. You should either buy tea mixed with ginger or you should buy them separately. Next, you will have to engage in cardiovasculine exercise by taking the formation of a press up by supporting yourself with your elbows instead of your arms. The best place to perform it is on the bed by putting your feet at the edge of the bed. Raise your arms as if you are lining prayerfully, and move your waist up and down as if your sleeping on the bed.

The first attempts will be painful on your back, but you will feel stronger with time. The effect should feel like having a strong tension on your back and front part of your abdomen. Remember, your body should take the formation of a press up like on the diagram below before you commence with the exercise. Put your arms like putting your hands in a press up position! Now, instead of doing a push up or a press up, raise your waist up and down until you experience a tight grip on your abdomen.


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